Consultant Training Webinars

Purpose of the training:

1. Learn about the remarkable Invertone tool for evaluation and optimization of physical and emotional well-being,
2. Have a great source of psycho-emotional analysis and identification of physiological consequences, from the first session, in record time and with extraordinary precision,
3. Develop a detailed vision of each individual's problematic to offer cutting-edge Quantum Sound Sequence optimization solutions,
4. Learn how to manage the protocols and services of the Invertone Method's online or face-to-face consultations.


The Webinar Training on the Invertone Method is for all health practitioners, professional or in-service therapists, psychologists, as well as human resources managers.

The total cost, including access to pre-training videos, online Webinar and access to monthly continuing education is $ 99 / €.

Access to the Invertone Certified Consultant Diploma is achieved through an online test at the end of the training session. If the average required could not be achieved by the candidate, he will be invited to participate in a single repechage session by attending the webinar the following month.


Upon registration, the future Invertone Consultant receives an access code for pre-training videos very explicit, animated, succinct and accessible from a computer or smartphone.

The content of the pre-training and the on-line training, as well as the originality of the method, give the possibility to apply it immediately at the end of the training. 


On the date indicated at registration, an interactive 6-hour Webinar is provided by the founder of Invertone René Guéraçague. It is accessible by a simple link that is sent to future Consultants by Email. The content of this training is as follows:

* Fundamentals of Invertone Quantum Sound  technology,

* Getting started with the Online Invertone Program,

* Using the psycho-emotional assessment protocol,

* Creation of Quantum Sound sequences of personalized optimization, intended for the future Beneficiaries.


* At the end of the Invertone training webinar, all participants receive the access codes to the Invertone software for online creation and management of the products or services offered to the Beneficiaries.

* The User Code reserved for Consultants provides access to monthly online meetings where Invertone's Speakers and Consultants can exchange experiences, learn about protocol improvements, and solve new problems. The variety of Consultants' skills and experiences is an inexhaustible source of knowledge that each month enriches each participant.

Mélanie Maillard, Invertone Professional Testimony

A captivating testimony to the work of Consultant Invertone, as a sports psychologist (Roland-Garros Tennis), where Mélanie talks about her professional experience with Invertone.