Sound against the arrival of muscle pain: 
a new challenge

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Prevention of muscle pain and lesions
The Personalized Prevention Sequence of Muscle Pain prevents the risk of injury in a proportion of 50% to 100%. This sequence promotes increased brain coherence, speed of information processing and the ability to reason correctly in "borderline" situations caused by stressful disturbances.
The latter may indeed have repercussions on reflexes and behaviors that may lead to the risk of accidental or chronic muscle injuries and pain.
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Disabling emotional disturbances during sports practice
Emotional disturbances can lead to pain and muscle damage. The Personalized Prevention Sequence of Muscle Pain deactivates stimuli (sensations and toxic thoughts, words, behaviors) that can lead to emotional disturbances during sport. As an indication, sports medicine recognizes that musculoskeletal pain can coincide with phases of emotional disturbances.

Muscular pain in the upper and lower limbs may be related to fears, anxieties, apprehensions, fears or nervousness.

The muscular pains related to back pain (shoulders, lumbar, sciatic nerve) seem to be preceded by periods of lack of self-confidence, overwork or dissatisfaction due to non-achievement of goals.