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HEALTH/WELLNESS: All the HEALTH/WELLNESS services and sequences are offered to you through the CONSULTANTS who are responsible for making and making available the Quantum Sound  & Clinique mp3  Sequences by Email. The CLINIQUE product can also be purchased on this page.
Options Health products: > Personalized Prevention System, face to face or online. > Personalized face-to-face or online follow-up sessions (Phone, WhatsApp, Skype, MSN). > Payment of Products and Services by PayPal / Credit Card to the Certified Invertone Consultant. 
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SPORT: All Sport Invertone products can be ordered directly online below. It will be immediately made available via Email.
The ELITE Sport Invertone is a high-tech product that includes the personalized monthly follow-up included in the price.
 After acquisition, you will be immediately contacted by Email by an Invertone Sport Consultant within 24 hours to begin your Invertone follow-up.

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CONSULTANTS WEBINAR FORMATION: You can find out more info and register here for a future online training session. The price of an online training is 99 USD / € including pre-training materials. An online meeting of Consultants takes place every 21 days to exchange and benefit from continuous training without cost.

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