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      Quantum Sound  WELLNESS

      The sound and vibration of WELLNESS Quantum Sound sequence results from the personal psycho-emotional profile. The sound and vibratory transcription of surnames and first names authorizes direct access to sensitive DNA and brain perception systems in order to deactivate the disturbing stimuli of everyday life, improve the functioning of the immune system and optimize the innate talents and abilities of the Beneficiary.

      • Sound & vibratory action on the innate strengths of the personality: aptitudes, talents, abilities.

      • Sound and vibratory deactivation of the psycho-emotional and physiological crystallizations accumulated in the past.

      Quantum Sound WELLNESS Sequences and Services include the following products:

      WELLNESS   Sequence with online purchase

      The WELLNESS sound sequence is bought online to be immediately made available by Email. It can also be acquired from a Consultant under the same conditions for one month, several months or by subscription, with the possibility of immediate unsubscription.


      CLINIQUE  Sequence with online purchase

      The CLINIQUE quantum sound Sequence of Hospital Stays and Interventions is especially dedicated to people who have to undergo a surgical procedure, to face a strong stress during an emergency admission or during a hospital stay to carry out examinations.

      The CLINIQUE  Sequence is acquired online for a period of one week with immediate availability via Email.

      SURGERY: Preoperative stress reduction applicable 2 days before the operation, better metabolic and inflammatory trans-operative stability, loss of acute postoperative pain, faster recovery.

      EMERGENCIES:  Panic and stress strong reduction when admitting to hospital emergencies.

        HOSPITAL STAY:  Stress reduction and calm during clinical examinations during hospital stays.

      WELLNESS FOLLOW-UP:  Sequence with Consultant's follow-up

      The WELLNESS quantum sound sequence with with Consultant's follow-up is bought directly from a Consultant that you can choose from the list of Certified Consultants. The follow-up consists in being able to be accompanied, advised, informed on the evolutions, the improvements, the effects of detoxification which can be presented. This online or face-to-face solution helps to better understand, deepen and even accelerate the evolution process.

      Whether the acquisition is done during a meeting face to face or online with a Consuiltant, it will immediately make available to you the WELLNESS quantum sound sequence by Email according to your choice: a month, several months or subscription with possibility immediate unsubscribe.

      PROFIL:  personalized psycho-emotional assessment by the Consultant of your choice.

      The study of the personalized profile is carried out only once. It defines the 49 psycho-emotional characteristics, patterns or pairs of notes that correspond to the names and given names of each individual. The psycho-emotional profile of the Quantum Sound Sequence reveals the behavioral system of the human being on an emotional, instinctive and mental level.

      A single session is enough to confirm, clarify and deepen the talents you really have, the reactive psycho-emotional modes you have become accustomed to, as well as the targeting of areas of physiological crystallization that cause problems of discomfort. This session very advantageously precedes the benefits that are obtained with the Quantum Sound Sequence of WELLNESS.

      Face-to-face or Online, the Profile is exclusively produced by a Certified Consultant of your choice