Evaluation of the PERSONAL LIFE AXIS, based on first and last names.
Evaluation of the FUNDAMENTAL CAUSES of psychological and physiological suffering.
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The quantum formula CHECKINVERTONE makes it possible to evaluate in a few moments, the AXIS of LIFE of a person from only the LAST NAMES and FIRST NAMES.
1. Evaluation of the EMOTIONAL functioning linked to each surname and each first name,
2. Evaluation of INSTINCTIVE functioning linked to each name and first name, in the event of emotional overload,
3. Evaluation of MENTAL functioning linked to each name or first name, way of thinking, analyzing or judging,
4. Evaluation of the TALENT linked to each surname and each first name,
5. Evaluation of the AXIS OF LIFE linked to all the talents of the person.
This is what will clearly determine what the person is made for, what he is destined for.

Surprising as it may seem, the evaluations of tens of thousands of people are, to this day, completely error-free, because the analyzes exactly match the criteria that resonate deep within the person.
It is necessary to distinguish the linguistic context of a name, its affective reference to ancestors, its cultural or racial origins, from the vibrational meaning, which is perceived by each person with the help of their DNA and limbic brain.
Linguistic meaning and vibrational meaning are very different from each other. The vibrational meaning unequivocally directs all human behavior, and Checkinvertone is able to give a simple and clear explanation of the vibrational action of a name or surname on the life process of each person.
Learning about it allows you to become aware of your true talents, your Axis of Life and to regain control of your emotions, instincts and judgments.
The primary cause of the disease is emotional reactivity which accumulates and eventually crystallizes in an organ where the disease is lodged.
Each name and each first name corresponds to a type of emotion which in turn corresponds to a « fuse » organ or disease. So the true « healing » of an organ is related to its corresponding emotional « healing ».
The Personalized Screening System for organs at risk, associated with their psycho-emotional factors, is part of a pioneering technology that benefits from some 30 years of research and epidemiological surveys published in indexed international journals.
The Screening is carried out by a Invertone CertifiedConsultant, whether in the consulting room or online.
This system of psycho-emotional screening can not be considered as a diagnostic system, but it will confirm or highlight some organic dysfunctions by associating them with their respective emotions, instincts or disturbing thoughts.
To each organ its emotion, to each emotion its organ.
After having collected, in less than two minutes, the data necessary for screening with the future beneficiary, the results of the analysis will be jointly corroborated by the Consultant and the Beneficiary, by associating some of the 49 emotional, instinctive and psycho-reactivities with the 49 organs and tissues at risk that correspond to each name and surname.
The purpose of the consultation is to identify the links between psycho-reactivities and their associated organs, the advantage being to confirm in a single session the root causes of a dysfunction, to avoid long periods of doubts and research in order to quickly take the most appropriate decisions.
In general, health practitioners (doctors) use this technology in addition to their usual therapeutic work, while specialized Consultants are mainly dedicated to screening for organs at risk and their associated psycho-emotional factors. Health practitioners and Specialized Consultants benefit from the same training which is provided personally online and preceded by the provision of complete documentation as well as the authorization of monthly access to continuing training online.
Here is how to proceed to carry out a Checkinvertone consultation which lasts 60 minutes with a Certified Invertone Consultant via Phone, Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp, in English, French, Spanish or Italian. The results of this screening will help you to better understand and discuss with health practitioners in the therapeutic setting of your choice.
To make an appointment with a Consultant in person or online:
1. You will only have to indicate a choice of possible dates with a time slot during which you could be contacted by a Certified Consultant using the contact button below in your language.
2. The time and day of the appointment, the recommended price of the consultation (from 49 € / USD to 99 € / USD depending on the country) as well as the Name of the Consultant will be confirmed to you within 48 hours by Mail / SMS. , with the direct payment request by PayPal / Credit Card, without having to open a PayPal account.
3. Payment for the service takes the place of confirmation of the appointment and its execution at the mutually scheduled date and time.
Face-to-face meetings are also possible, as long as a Certified Consultant is located near your home.
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