Personalized arkhetonic assessment of psycho-physio-pathological causes and risks

Personalized screening of organs at risk associated with their psycho-emotional factors is part of avant-garde technology that has benefited from some 30 years of research and epidemiological investigations published in international indexed journals.
The Screening is carried out by a certified health Practitioner or a Consultant, either in the medical office or online.
This psycho-emotional screening system cannot be considered as a diagnostic system, but it will confirm or highlight certain organic dysfunctions by associating them with their respective disturbing emotions, instincts or thoughts.

Each organ has its own emotion, each emotion has its own organ.
After having collected, in less than two minutes, the data necessary for screening the future beneficiary, the results of the analysis will be jointly corroborated by the practitioner / consultant and the beneficiary, by associating some of the 49 emotional, instinctive and mental psycho-reactivities with the 49 organs and tissues at risk that correspond to each name and family name.

The purpose of the consultation is to identify the links between psycho-reactivities and their associated organs, the advantage being to confirm in a single session the root causes of a dysfunction, to avoid long periods of doubts and research in order to make the most appropriate decisions quickly.

In general, health practitioners (doctors) use this technology in addition to their usual therapeutic work, while specialized Consultants are mainly dedicated to screening organs at risk with their associated psycho-emotional factors. Health practitioners and specialist consultants benefit from the same certified training.

Most laws do not allow advertising and recommendations for care. So health practitioners cannot be promoted. On the other hand, we can here tell you how to carry out a consultation which lasts 60 minutes with an Invertone Certified Consultant via Telephone, Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp, in the 4 languages ​​which follow. The results of this screening will help you better understand and interact with health practitioners in the therapeutic setting of your choice. To make an appointment with a face-to-face or online consultant:

1. You will only have to indicate a choice of possible dates with a time slot at which you could be contacted by a Certified Consultant using the contact button below in your language.

2. The time and day of the appointment, the recommended price of the consultation (99 € / USD depending on the country) as well as the Name of the Consultant will be confirmed to you within 48 hours by Mail / SMS, with the request for the direct payment through PayPal / Credit Card, without having to open a PayPal account.

3. Payment for the service takes the place of confirmation of the appointment and of its execution on the mutually agreed date and time.

Face-to-face meetings are also possible, as long as a certified consultant is near your home.

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Some examples in 4 languages (French, Spanish, English, Italian) on the understanding of the psycho-emotional, instinctive and mental factor related to the following first names:

Odoo - Echantillon n°1 pour trois colonnes

FRANÇAIS: Vidéo-Démo sur les psycho-réactivités émotionnelles, instinctives et mentales spécifiques d'une personne qui porte le nom ou prénom MARTIN.

Odoo - Echantillon n°1 pour trois colonnes

ESPAÑOL: Video de demostración sobre las psico-reactividades emocionales, instintivas y mentales específicas de una persona que tiene el nombre MARIA.

PROFESSIONALS:  Personalized software screening system

The Personalized Screening System for organs at risk associated with their psycho-emotional factors is an online software platform, pay per use (we pay what we use), of simple and fast operation, offering an immediate, precise and verifiable result. It advantageously completes the anamnesis and pathological diagnoses which exclusively concern medical practice.

This innovative system is enriched by a personalized synthesis of psychosomatisms and psycho-reactivities associated with these organs. It is realized once for each beneficiary; it is reusable and thus ensures permanent monitoring.

The screening system pack includes:

  • Registration for the online software platform with access codes, 

  • Une vidéo-mode d'emploi qui autorise une mise en pratique immédiate, 

  • An invitation to an online Webinar, lasting 6 hours, which allows to deepen the theoretical knowledge on the technology Invertone, as well as on the screening system

  • Screening test for one person,

  • The monthly access to the in-service training by Webinar about an hour where a large part is reserved for the practitioners who can exchange their experiences and deepen each other's knowledge.

Some examples in 4 languages on understanding the link between organs at risk and psycho-reactive factors:

HEALTH PRACTITIONERS:  Particularities of the screening  software system

1. Every human being is unique. Is it still reasonable to evaluate everyone in the same way?

2. You have some very useful screening tools, but you would like to be able to intervene upstream, at the source of dysfunctions that are sometimes far removed from the affected areas.

3. With Invertone, you quickly discover, for each patient, the target organs likely to be damaged during his life.

4. The system of identification of the organs of risk selects for each person, according to its genealogy, thus of its family history, certain specific zones.

5. You immediately target the primary cause by having your patient check the correlation of his current history or symptoms with the results of the algorithmic analysis, without wasting time on organic targets that may be secondary or tertiary.

6. You are more effective at the first warning signs and will be able to identify fragile areas, even before they occur.

Odoo • Image et Texte

 Registration of Recipient Data
After accessing your Invertone online account with your User and Password code, you enter your Recipient's data in a few seconds, then submit the study whose response is sent to you by Email less than 20 seconds later.

Odoo • Image et Texte

Verification of organs at risk with the Beneficiary
After having received the explanatory and personalized PDF document, you verify in a few minutes the accuracy of the information obtained with the Beneficiary on organs at risk (generally between 3 and 5). Some of these will have suffered damage that will have to be taken into account.

Odoo • Image et Texte

Further verification of the relationship between an organ at risk and a specific psychosomatism
An extremely precise description will enable you to corroborate physiologically affected areas if necessary with certain very specific psychosomatic aspects that are confirmed by the Beneficiary.

For more information on frequency processing of personalized deactivation of stress stimulus and psychosomatisms with the Quantum Sound Sequence: