Stimulation quantique du système immunitaire contre les principales pollutions de l’eau, de l’air et de l’alimentation
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      PROTEKTONE is a pure quantum technology which creates a simple, natural and effective prevention-protection bubble against AIR POLLUTION..

        Range: up to 5 meters in diameter around your mobile phone, 24 hours a day.

        Targets: energy field of molecules and particles harmful to humans such as viral strains, heavy metals in suspension, radionuclides.

        How it works ? Your mobile phone locates the quantum information that creates your defense-protection bubble, at home, at restaurant, at school, on the street, in the countryside, when traveling or while sleeping, in a sphere of 5 meters diameter!

        Safety: This quantum technology eliminates all risks for the human organism. Indeed, the protection bubble even works in "airplane" mode, which suppresses the transfer of electromagnetic waves.

        Subscription: your name and mobile phone number are enough to "locate" the action of Protektone. Payment by credit card Visa , Mastercard , American Express , Discover through the secure payment platform PayPal which acts as an intermediary for monthly management of subscriptions between your bank card and Invertone.

      immediate by email to
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      Subscription price:: 9,90 Euros/USD/USN/month for your personal protection against air pollution.

      • Automatic monthly renewal with Confirmation of Service Activation by email.

      • Possibility of immediate UNSUBSCRIBE by email, without justification.

      • Until 30.06.2020, SATISFIED or REFUNDED during the first 7 days.

      1. Take regular cooking salt,
      2. Place two small plates more than 50 cm/16 inches) apart,
      3. Put a pinch of salt on each plate,
      4. Take a blank sheet of paper, without any inscription on both sides,
      5. Enter the code SALTEST123 in CAPITAL LETTERS (by hand or computer printing),
      6. Place the "coded" sheet under one of the plates, leave to act for 1 minute,
      7. Moisten the index finger with one hand to adhere 1 cm2 of salt on the plate WITHOUT sheet, taste and memorize your sensation,
      8. Repeat the same operation with the index finger of the other hand with the salt from the other plate placed on the CODED sheet,
      8. Taste and in two seconds you will have no trouble feeling the difference in intensity of the salt on the first plate and that on the second CODED plate.

      FREQUENTTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  about Protektone effects:

      You wonder why you do not receive the confirmation email?
      In 99% of cases, this is due to the following problems:
      - Incorrect spelling of the email address,
      - Arrival in Spam,
      - Saturated mailbox,
      - Saturated mail service providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.)

      Is the monthly renewal automatic?
      Yes, the monthly update is systematic until a possible voluntary interruption, for a maximum duration of 30 months and which can be renewed

      How can we check the action of Protektone's quantum protection?
      One of the elements that shows how well it works is the change in the water molecules in the air in the bubble. Here is how to see its action on water:
      - Take two large glasses of tap water (generally the smell of chlorine is marked, the water also seems quite "hard", depending on the place),
      - Place your mobile phone activated by Protektone a few centimeters from one of the glasses, taking care that the two glasses are separated by at least 2 meters.
      - Leave on for an hour and taste the difference starting with the glass furthest from the phone and then taste the water from the glass near the phone. - Whatever your observations, the difference observed testifies to the quantum action of Protektone.

      Difference between an APP and a subscription?
      Protektone acts without any hardware intermediary, unlike an APP that needs to be downloaded. An inexpensive and easy way to make subscription at the moment of purchase. It is sufficient to offer an extraordinary quantum quality service and does not require any installation, maintenance or updating.

      How is the subscription confirmed?
      It is the confirmation of payment and the subscription email sent by PayPal that certifies the recurring subscription, on the one hand, and the activation of the Protektone service confirmed by Email within 6 to 48 hours, on the other hand.

      How can I stop the subscription?
      Just write to and the service will be discontinued within 24 hours. For added security, you can stop the payment of the subscription directly on your PayPal account.

      Why benefit from the Paypal service?
      Firstly because PayPal represents a secure means of payment linked to a simple debit or credit card worldwide. On the other hand, the subscription system is very well managed by this very responsive platform. It is understood here as an intermediary for monthly and automated management of subscriptions, therefore a simple intermediary between your bank card and Protektone. It should not be understood as a bank account, which many people think. In addition, Protektone pays its operating cost for each payment.

      How important are the indications of e-mail addresses, telephone number with international code and information written without spelling errors?
      A badly written e-mail results in a lack of subscription confirmation. Incorrect spelling of personal data (in particular the telephone number preceded by the international prefix) can lead to the ineffectiveness of Protektone.

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      Why does it work?
      The quantum information that is induced in the Protektone prevention-protection bubble is reversed compared to the electromagnetic fields of specific harmful elements present in the air. Thus, these elements become inert on the energy level, therefore harmless, while they remain perceptible under a microscope, at the level of their atoms.

      Protektone creates a bubble of frequency inversion of the elements which have been selected (radionuclides, heavy metals, viral strains or other particles incompatible with the human organism). This has the effect of limiting on the one hand the access of harmful elements whose frequencies are opposite and of deactivating by a simple effect of putting « out of phase » the elements which could have entered the bubble.
      Ethics and safety
      The ethical and security issue is the main key to the proper functioning of our technology. Indeed, we use a fully quantum science of which we have developed the essential concepts, beyond the well-known microelectromagnetic techniques. The quantum principle understood as a force governing all relational phenomena in all universes, visible or invisible, operates on the basis of a system comparable to the Newtonian law of attraction-repulsion. In the quantum domain, a good balance between an element A and an element B, whether they are micro or macro-cosmic, is guaranteed by the immaterial force of attraction of the element A which is equal to the immaterial force of repulsion of element B and vice versa.

      Our technology therefore had to follow "sine qua non" the principles of the phenomena which govern the whole of the inviolable relations between all the kingdoms and objects of creation.

      This technology was developed by the French sound engineer René Guéraçague and benefits from more than thirty years of experience in fundamental research supervised in the medical field for ten years by Dr Santiago Ruales, the Medical Director of the company. It was validated for the first time by the international medical-scientific publication of an epidemiological survey on the effect of hyper-scalar (or quantum) sound waves in surgery, making it possible to observe an 80% reduction in post-pain operative at 24 hours. Here is the link: