Your phone is enough to keep mosquitoes at least 3 meters away!

New fully quantum mosquito bite protection technology
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Moskitone, a totally quantum protection bubble, simple, natural, effective which protects you from the bites of most mosquitoes and their possible consequences on your health: dengue, zika, chikungunya, malaria. 
The protection is active 24 hours a day, within a diameter of 3 meters around your mobile phone, wherever you are: at home, at a restaurant, at school, on the street, in the countryside, on a trip or during sleep !
The mosquitoes taken into account are those which are considered to be the most harmful or dangerous in the different countries studied by government agencies.
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Sleep easy!
The subscription is monthly, with the possibility of UNSUBSCRIBING without justification (, SATISFIED or REFUNDED during the first 7 days

SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: 20 Euros/USD/month for permanent anti-mosquito protection.

VOLUME OF ACTIVE DYNAMIZATION:   within a sphere of 3 meters (118'') diameter around your phone.

When subscribing, be sure to indicate your telephone number with the international PREFIX of your country (Example France: +33 6 12 34 56 78) as well as your email address for order confirmation.

Moskitone activation becomes effective between 6 and 48 hours after the order is placed. You will be notified via Email. On the other hand, the confirmation of receipt of the payment is sent to you directly by Paypal at the moment of the order. Paypal also offers you all the necessary security to suspend within your own account the subscription and its payment if you wish.

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How does it work?

The activation of sounds corresponding to specific mosquito frequencies is an integral part of this new exclusive transfer technology. It is based on the phenomenon of non-local quantum entanglement.
By creating a fully quantum type contact between our servers and a mobile phone number, a spherical area with a diameter of 3 meters around the phone is active 24 hours a day, without distance limitation and instantly. The complete absence of electromagnetic wave transfer guarantees that this technology is free from any negative effect on the human organism.
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Why does it work?

The quantum information that is induced in the Moskitone protection bubble is inverted with respect to the electromagnetic fields of mosquitoes, depending on the countries, regions and continents.
This inversion "Invertone" thus has the ability to make the volume of this bubble permanently incompatible and almost hostile to the most widespread mosquitoes in the chosen area, which has the effect of repelling these insects and preventing them from entering the bubble when they approach it.

To make a simple comparison, although of a different nature, we can compare this phenomenon to an effect of "phasing out" in the world of electronics or sound engineering which makes it possible to deactivate an electrical force by adding its contrary force.
This effective protection technology also has the advantage of not breaking the food chain.
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Protection of harmful waves from the phone in Airplane Mode

If you are sensitive to harmful waves from the phone, you can protect yourself by putting your mobile phone in Airplane mode. Mosquito protection remains 100% effective, despite the telephone network being cut (calls and SMS), as well as 3G, 4G and 5G, GPS and Bluetooth connections.

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Ethique et Sécurité
La question éthique et sécuritaire est la clef principale du bon fonctionnement de notre technologie. En effet, nous utilisons une science entièrement quantique dont nous avons développé les concepts essentiels, au-delà des techniques micro-éléctromagnétiques bien connues. Le principe quantique compris en tant que force régissant l’ensemble des phénomènes relationnels dans tous les univers, visibles ou invisibles, fonctionne sur la base d’un système comparable à la loi Newtonienne d’attraction-répulsion. Dans le domaine quantique, un bon équilibre entre un élément A et un élément B, qu’ils soient micro ou macro-cosmiques, est garanti par la force immatérielle d’attraction de l’élément A qui est égale la force immatérielle de répulsion de l’élement B et inversement.

Notre technologie devait donc suivre « sine qua non » les principes des phénomènes qui régissent l’ensemble des relations inviolables entre tous les règnes et objets de la création.

Cette technologie a été mise au point par l’ingénieur du son français René Guéraçague et bénéficie de plus de trente années d’expérience en recherche fondamentale supervisée dans le domaine médical depuis une dizaine d'années par le Dr Santiago Ruales, le Directeur Médical de la compagnie. Elle a été validée  pour la première fois par la publication médico-scientifique internationale d'une enquête épidémiologique sur l’effet des ondes sonores hyper-scalaires (ou quantiques) en chirurgie, permettant d’observer une diminution de 80% des douleurs post-opératoires à 24 heures. En voici le lien: