Quantum Sound sequences are sent to you via Email every month as an attachment, depending on the duration of your subscription, 1 month minimum, several months or permanent with possibility of immediate suspension.


 It is advisable to listen to the current sequence in the morning at sunrise and just before sleep, and additional listening is welcome as it does not cause saturation.
The audible sequence works at the physiological and psycho-emotional level.
The non-audible sequence works from Invertone servers 24/24 hours. It is the "intricative" quantum aspect that reaches your electromagnetic DNA wherever you are.
During rest, the action continues continuously for the duration of validity.


It is very important to observe and take note of both physiological and psycho-emotional improvements. It is during their re-reading that you will become aware of the improvements you have experienced. " We remember when we were hurt, rarely times when everything is fine! "

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Very important: the vicariation effect

Vicariation Effect:   It is a process of detoxification at the physiological and emotional level. It is caused by the stimulating action of Sonoquantic on your electromagnetic DNA which, in turn, boosts the functioning of your immune system. The symptoms usually range from a flu feeling, to a headache or a mild fever. This is a natural process not to be confused with a disease process.
We recognize that this is a vicariate effect because it interrupts very suddenly, from one moment to another, whereas usually these symptoms disappear gradually.
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Séquence Sonoquantique
Elle agit par l'intermédiaire de l'ADN électromagnétique sur l'ensemble des problèmes qui peuvent survenir dans l'existence d'un être humain.

Séquence Sonoquantique
Pour la Chirurgie, les Urgences, les Séjours hospitaliers: Elle agit durant une période de 7 jours maximum, de manière ponctuelle et puissante, pour faire face à une problématique occasionnelle de stress, de peur, de panique, d'incertitude vitale, etc.