The sound sequences of the WELLNESS  &  SPORT∞INVERTONE ranges are different in nature. Their common point is that they have almost identical PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL FUNCTIONS, depending on the products. They raise very similar questions which are listed in the following list.

Only issues that arise from the PHYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTIONS specific to SPORT∞INVERTONE are treated separately in the second part.



Quantum Sound Sequence technology allows to connect two vibratory fields of reciprocal resonance. When the vibration of a specific person is activated on the smartphone, the energy field of the identified person's DNA comes into resonance. The reciprocal vibration activated in the smartphone creates the "dynamization" effect.

Yes, the  Quantum Sound Sequence is a name that has been created in the world of WebApps applications to be accessible to the public on the basis of acknowledgments and scientific publications. After a long hospital research on 16,000 patients and an epidemiological survey in a university hospital, a first and important medical and scientific certification was published in a major international indexed journal. See article on the publication's website.
A second epidemiological survey will be published in 2019. These surveys shed light on the innovative and tangible effectiveness of quantum science on the deactivation of stress and pain in mild and extreme surgical situations, with no side effects.

No. During twenty years of practice, no side effects could be observed.

In some cases, an "indirect" effect may occur, such as a headache or mild fever, of a positive and beneficent nature. These sensations reflect the need for natural body detoxification. After a few hours or a few days, a sudden improvement is noticed. The effect of vicariation stops spontaneously, unlike a disease that gradually disappears. The speed of improvement marks the difference between illness and the phenomenon of detoxification / vicariation.

Yes, because each sequence acts on one person and no other.

Regarding the audible part, the process works instantly by activating the sound sequence on your smartphone or computer. For the quantum part, it is the process of quantum entanglement that allows the hyper-frequencies emitted from the Invertone servers to reach your electromagnetic DNA 24 hours a day. When the 30 days of validity are reached, the quantum action stops at midnight on the thirtieth day. On the sound level, its action remains audible but its effect is suspended of itself because it depends on the programming of the biorhythms of each person according to his date of birth.

Quantum Sound Sequences act at the quantum level, beyond the sound frequency or the electromagnetic level. Their vibrations are hyper-frequential and non-verbal, neither mental, nor cultural, nor linguistic. They are recognized by human DNA in a language that is perfectly understandable and consistent, unlike "psycho-linguistic" languages.They are accepted as a fact by the brain because they do not involve the intellectual cognitive memory of the verb, even the unconscious. The vibratory language is direct and unmediated, so it acts effectively, free from external interference.

Yes, a Quantum Sound Sequence activated on a smartphone in a specific location has an immediate impact in another place, even remote, thanks to the hyper-scalar harmonics that are able to reach their goal instantly. In fact, it is a quantum technology that reciprocally resonates with the magnetic fields of DNA, the preferred field of action of Quantum Sound Sequences.

Yes, there is no contraindication to taking a drug, Quantum Sound Sequences having a harmless, noninvasive and, by nature, non-iatrogenic action.

1. Vibrations, sound and music have always been part of the natural heritage of humanity because they have an indisputable effect on the human being.
2. In the psycho-emotional aspect, personalized vibrations act by disabling the development of aggression and toxic stimuli as these situations arise.

1. Every human being reacts to external stimuli (words, actions, movements observations, feelings) transmitted by the senses. Depending on his character, his personality, his state of health, his education, his culture, the needs of the moment, everyone reacts differently.

2. To stabilize the recurrent or excessive emotional reactivity to certain stimuli, a Quantum Sound Sequence acts preventively on the magnetic fields of the DNA. This allows an intervention at any time and a phase shift, that is to say a deactivation of "toxic" information from outside.

3. When a toxic stimulus is active, the memory of its previously stored vibration disables it or instantly disables it, before it develops in the psycho-neuro-endocrine chain with its problematic consequences for health.

No. The indication of the date of birth only provides additional information for the calculation of the biorhythms and, in the case where a person has a similar identity or namesake of another person, the sequence can be so differentiated. In no case are "astrological" or similar indications used.

1. It is very important to note the improvements made to become aware of its positive effects: when a person improves, she has no reason to remember that she felt bad a few days or weeks before. The Quantum Sound Sequence eliminates the link with the memory of psycho-reactional suffering by its profound action on the magnetic DNA that is at the source of psycho-emotional and behavioral management.

2. In general, the sharp reduction in emotional reactivity (stress), moral, psychological, or physiological pain is evidence of the effectiveness of the Sonoquant Sequence in the psycho-emotional field.

The dynamic effects of Quantum Sound Sequences follow a Gauss curve where their action decreases at the end of the monthly cycle, identical to the lunar cycles. The temporal construction of the sequences is each time modified to follow the natural biorhythms, reason for which they must be renewed monthly.

The best proof of the effectiveness of Quantum Sound Sequences is the experimentation that everyone can do in a few months. Experience shows that the results are fast in the majority of cases or that the improvements are more progressive for other people. The satisfaction rate remains high after 20 years of practice.

Yes, the only possibility of increasing the power of the sequences is the monthly repetition until reaching the desired level of satisfaction. The results are obtained from the beginning but they settle permanently over time in a progressive and certain way. It depends on each person, his age, his needs, his desires, his attendance, etc.

No, because the Sound Sequence follows the natural change of the personal biorhythms whose programming must be synchronized. Therefore, no new effect can be perceived at the end of the 30-day period, which requires the renewal of the Quantum Sound Sequence.

Start by asking yourself if the data entered at the time of the order have been filled without error (names, first names, date of birth). Wrong data can significantly limit the action of the Quantum Sound Sequence. Then, do not hesitate to contact our monitoring services via e-mail: info@invertone.com. A Consultant will promptly contact you to answer your questions or concerns.

Along with the improvement of psycho-emotional potentials, slow detoxification can occur emotionally and mentally by producing physiological effects.
This so-called "vicariation" effect is a short-lived natural detoxification process that acts physiologically and emotionally. The symptoms are usually mild flu, headache or even mild fever. The effect of vicariation has the peculiarity of stopping abruptly at a maximum of 72 hours after having begun, unlike a disease which gradually decreases. This is what makes it possible to distinguish a disease process from a vicariation process.




The ACCESS and ELITE Sonoquanic Sequences of Sport Invertone offer cumulative functions of dynamisation of the psycho-emotional aspect on the one hand, and the physiological aspect on the other hand. Here you will find answers to physiological questions.

Yes, in the dance/fitness classes, a high level of muscle strength and energy is maintained during the course, which generates enthusiasm due to very encouraging results

Yes, the Quantum Sound Sequences favor the fast recovery of the muscular fatigue, which prevents the appearance of the pains. This also promotes the ability to resume the exercises overnight without having to experience these disadvantages

Yes. In principle, the Quantum Sound sequence effectively prevents the appearance of lesions. In case of slight injury, recovery will be very fast. And in the event of serious injury requiring surgery, the Quantum Sound Sequence will allow you to reduce recovery and rehabilitation time by +/- 50%, depending on the individual.

Yes. The statistics indicate that the results obtained in comparison with the activation periods of the Quantum Sound Sequence are decreasing. According to the needs, the athletes generally prefer to continue to benefit from the service to maintain constant the sporting satisfaction and the quality of life which it provides

No. The expected improvements are necessarily related to the intensity of the sport. There is no change without effort, without physical exercises.

Many experiments show an overall improvement of 10% to 50%, depending on what is sought and level requirement: strength, resistance, cardiovascular and muscular recovery time, pain reduction, sports results in competition, etc.

Yes. After analyzing the first 500 users of the Quantum Sound Sequence, we recorded an increase in muscle strength in proportions ranging from 10% to 50%. Bodybuilders have raised weights by 10% to 20% higher. In good physical condition, an athlete who usually raises 15 kg in each arm is able to lift 20/25 kg.

Yes. With the Quantum Sound Sequence, bodybuilders are able to increase the amount of exercises from 10% to 20% or more. Other athletes get resistance that increases proportionally: more repetitions of series, prolonged efforts without muscle fatigue.

Yes. The relationship between the intensity of the physical effort and the corresponding cardiovascular fatigue is improved: prolonged efforts with less cardiovascular activity delays the arrival of the sensation of fatigue.

Yes. the Quantum Sound Sequence favors the exchange of gases resulting from the inspiration and the expiration of the air (ejection of carbon dioxide CO2 and oxygen dioxide absorption O2), such as the cellular respiration, which, thanks to the degradation of the glucose via oxygen, provides energy.

Yes, the sporting practice associated with the Quantum Sound Sequence promotes sleep, the deactivation of musculoskeletal pain, the reduction of headaches and depressive moments among other inconveniences directly linked to stress.