Sound against the causes of pain,
A new challenge

We know that pain is used to locate a problem in the body.

But did you know that the origin of pain is mainly due to disruptive emotional reactivity?

So, let's take care of the emotion!   

Simple, original and effective: the application of the CD / Smartphone on the pains

After having engraved the Invertone Well-Being sequence on an Audio CD, you can apply it to 2 or 3 cm for a few minutes on a pain and observe its reduction or disappearance.
The very low magnetic charge that emanates from the CD transmits information to the Crystallization of tissues and organs in a personalized way, which adds to its effectiveness.
The same operation can be practiced with a smartphone whose sequence's sound is running.

What is pain?

We know that pain is an uncomfortable sensation, a kind of discomfort in the body, triggered by the nervous system autonomously, deaf or acute. It occurs intermittently or chronically.

It is an indicator of a problem in the body, a precise locator of a dysfunction of the body, an ailment that must be treated. Pain is an alarm, a protective mechanism of warning of potential or actual damage. 


Location of pain: Disruptive emotions generated by others
Muscular pains (all nervous and muscular tissues) Fears, anxiety, apprehensions, nervousness
Stomach ache (intestines, genital tract)
Joint pain (hands, wrists, elbow, knees, ankles, feet) 
Lack of attention, discernment, clear vision
Stomach ache (sourness) Unfair or excessive words, unspoken
Sensation of chest tightness Lack of emotional attention, disrespect, intolerance
Sore throat Lack of sensitivity, feeling
Headache Lack of self-esteem, recognition
Back pain (shoulders, lumbar, sciatic nerve) Lack of self-confidence, overwork, failure to achieve goals

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When the cause of the emotion decreases, the pain decreases

To be able to treat the pain, it is necessary to know that the causes which brought the person to live the pain sporadically or chronic way are mainly emotional.

Invertone deals indirectly but effectively with pain, with the corresponding personalized sound. The person will be able to experience complete or partial results quickly or progressively. The Invertone methodology identifies the unconscious origin that is found in the emotional experience of the individual, thereby disabling the root cause of the pain.

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More than an idea, it is a tangible reality, scientifically proven

The effect of sound on the emotion / pain couple has been demonstrated in the treatment of 16,000 surgical patients.

From the first double blind hospital-wide epidemiological survey, the results benefited from publication in an international, indexed medical and scientific journal. This survey reports a reduction of acute postoperative pain at 24 hours of 80% and a very consistent decrease in preoperative stress. This demonstrates that there is an indisputable link of cause and effect between preoperative emotions and postoperative pains.

To take note of the epidemiological survey on the reduction of acute postoperative pain: