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Presential or Online WELLNESS consultation

The WELLNESS Quantum Sound Consultation is for people of all ages wishing to find sustainable solutions to their problem. It can be done by a Consultant located in your area or, failing that, by an Online Consultant on Skype or WhatsApp:

1. Make an appointment with one of our consultants:

2. Conduct of the Quantum Sound WELLNESS consultation (duration is approximately 45 mn):

- Realization / Evaluation of the psycho-emotional Profile personalized from the surnames and first names. This profile is made during the first consultation and is always valid because it represents the characteristics of personal identity. Confirmation of innate talents, psycho-emotional difficulties and areas of physiological fragility.

- Realization of the Personalized Quantum Sound Sequence with immediate availability by email.

3. Regular follow up by phone, WhatsApp or Skype..
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Advantages of an accompaniment or personalized follow-up by a Consultant

Anyone wishing to be accompanied or followed during the Quantum Sound Sequence activation period will be able to do so on an optional basis by contacting one of the Consultants.

Here are the advantages:

Questions: The Consultant helps you to remove the doubts that arise during occasional vicariation periods that are actually brief detox passages. They can be confused with disease processes that need to be differentiated.

Evolution: The Consultant helps you to identify and discern the factors of personal evolution such as the decrease in psycho-emotional reactivity and the resulting physiological improvements.

Evaluation: The Consultant helps you to maintain a line of understanding of the improvements that characterize you personally, unique and specific. Indeed Sonoquantic has the immense advantage of having an evaluative language specific to each individual, which avoids the trap of generalist interpretations, beliefs and approximations.

Availability: The Consultant is always available, at least by email to respond to emergencies and save time in the evolution process.Consultant est toujours disponible, au moins par messagerie, pour répondre aux urgences et faire gagner du temps dans le processus d'évolution.

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The role of the Consultant

Agreed protocol.   The Quantum Sound Sequence Consultants exclusively follow the original, certified and approved protocols of Sonoquantic. They ensure that all services offered are fully understood, integrated and 100% useful for each Beneficiary..

Efficiency. The modernity of the Quantum Sound Sequence may seem far from habits, but with use, the explanations are simple, logical, accessible and comprehensible.

Rigor and precision. The presence and availability of Consultants generates a sense of trust and credibility. The accuracy of the Quantum Sound Profile consistently corresponds to the idea that the Beneficiary is self-explanatory, with more detailed descriptions and a more realistic vision of his innate talents, his response to external stimuli and his true line of thinking. life.

Immediate availability of the sequences. Quantum Sound Sequences are renewed monthly and made available to the Beneficiaries by email or App. They represent a major and avant-garde asset in personalized support.

Relational quality.  The Golden Rule of Quantum Sound relationships is to promote a quality of exchange on a human scale, while using advanced digital technologies. This makes it possible to limit the number and duration of trips, and to consult with more flexibility time, from his office or home.

Avant-garde. The WELLNESS Quantum Sound Sequence is a service that combines digital performance with the essential Consultant-Beneficiary relational qualities: Evaluation of the Profile in less than an hour, provision of sequences by email, practical and personalized follow-up on Skype or WhatsApp.