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Odoo • Texte et Image

MISSION of Sport Consultants

Benefiting from our very long experience, the ethical choice of Invertone is to privilege direct relations with the Sporting Beneficiaries, through the Certified Sport Invertone Consultants. They are able to accompany the ordering of a basic product like ACCESS, to explain its operation with simple words, or to ensure a complete personalized follow-up during the evolution of the benefits obtained with the ELITE product.

Our priority is to provide services in a humane, caring and attentive way. Indeed, you can personally contact your Consultant Invertone Sport, benefit from his advice or clarify your doubts:

ROLE of Sport Consultants

The role of the Invertone Sport consultants is essentially focused on the support of the ELITE product dedicated to professionals. This product acts directly on the physical aspect, whereas its action on the emotional level deserves a regular accompaniment which makes it possible to better understand the processes of evolutions, improvements and a better psycho-emotional control. These aspects play a prominent role in high level athletes as there is often slight differences that make the difference between success and failure.
You can contact one of our Invertone Consultants specialized in Sport to receive all the information you need. In French and English, Mélanie Maillard will help you (see attached an extract from one of her videos). You will be put in contact with other Consultants for Spanish and Italian languages.