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"Nothing is solved without addressing the causes"

Arkhetone is a personalized quantum sound therapy based on understanding and gradually deactivating the psycho-emotional causes of illnesses.

Quantum Sound Sequence OPTIMIZES the therapeutic action

The ARKHETONE Quantum Sound Sequence is positioned in an innovative way in the world of wellness by OPTIMIZING the action of all forms of therapies.

Indeed, any problem can only achieve long-term benefits by considering and treating its deep CAUSES. The repetition of stressful life events is the direct or indirect cause of health problems.

The sound and quantum characteristics of this new technology are able to deactivate stressful stimuli stored as electromagnetic memories in cells.

Quantum Sound Sequence should be part of any therapeutic process for those who want to optimize and sustain the quality of the desired results.

Quantum Sound Sequence DISABLES stress and its toxic emotions

When a talent related to genealogy is insufficiently expressed or stimulated, stress and psycho-emotional suffering appear.
The Quantum Sound Sequence instantly deactivates the latter by disabling the disruptive stimuli.


The Quantum Sound Deactivation process

The wave of the disruptive stimulus in yellow is generated by a toxic event coming from outside (speech, gesture, observation, mood, affect, etc.)

The Quantum Sound Sequence in blue deactivates the disruptive stimulus by putting it out of phase, that is to say by canceling its effect by its opposite wave. The stimuli continues to exist, it remains observable, but its action is zero.

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Quantum Sound Sequence DEACTIVATES disruptive emotions

The goal of the WELLNESS Personalized Quantum Sound Sequence is to provide a quick and effective solution to the problem of toxic emotions before they degenerate into psychological and then physical suffering. Indeed, the creation of a sound and quantum phase-out frequency makes it possible to deactivate (or cancel) the toxic emotional frequencies generated by external stimuli. This process is constantly active and allows the immune system to focus on the essentials of its function: permanently maintain the physiological balance. The immediate availability of the Sonoquantic sequence offers new sensations of life more pleasant, a balanced emotional reactivity and without excess, a positive vision of events, a stable mood and much less changing.
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The Quantum sound Sequence is PERSONALIZED

As every human existence is subject to the irreversible law of cause and effect, the DNA is constantly altered by the information coming from the 5 senses, without ever being able to control its flow or intensity. The Quantum Sound Sequence intervenes between the cause and the effect. It selects and deactivates the disruptive causes and interrupts the deployment of the psycho-neuro-endocrine chain which would have led, in case of recurrence, to more suffering and vital risks. The Quantum Sound Sequence optimizes the properties of DNA, constantly stimulates its reorganization and acts as a protective shield.

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Quantum Sound Sequence STRENGTHENS the action of the immune system

Due to the strong decrease and / or lack of emotional reactivity, the psycho-neuro-endocrine response decreases in the same proportions. No longer harassed by new toxic emotions, the immune system regains its natural efficiency.
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Quantum Sound Sequence STIMULATES innate talents

The Quantum Sound Sequence translates genealogy frequencies into linguistic terms that express the innate talents of the individual. Indeed, the genealogy carries within it the vibration that will be transmitted by the Quantum Sound Sequence to the electromagnetic DNA to be integrated into the whole body of the recipient through his genes.

The Quantum Sound Sequence

The Quantum Sound sequence results from the personal psycho-emotional profile. The sound and vibratory transcription of genealogy authorizes direct access to sensitive DNA and brain perception systems in order to deactivate the disturbing stimuli of everyday life, improve the functioning of the immune system and optimize the innate talents and abilities of the Beneficiary.

  • Sound & vibratory action on the innate strengths of the personality: aptitudes, talents, abilities

  • Sound and vibratory deactivation of the psycho-emotional and physiological crystallizations accumulated in the past.