The App that dynamizes your food

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DYNALIMENT: energizing food, a simple and effective way to restore your diet to its original, healthy and natural qualities.
Within a diameter of 100cm/39,40'' (Private) or 10 meters/32,80 feet (Pro) around your mobile phone, instantly dynamize 320 foods by improving their flavor, texture and shelf life: fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, seafood, fish, cheeses, algae, cereals, wines, alcohols, drinks and mineral waters, while controlling your weight!
Dynamization is active 24 hours a day, wherever the telephone is located: at home, in restaurants, at school, in hospitals, during air travel, train, car, boat, etc.
Explosion of FLAVOURS

Strong improvement in food and drink flavors.

Improvement of TEXTURES

Amélioration de la texture des aliments, plus légers et plus aérés en bouche.


Increased shelf life from 50% to 100% with significant reduction in food losses.

Better Weight CONTROL

Thanks to more complete digestion and better elimination of non-assimilable additives.

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Monthly subscription for a  PRIVATE use

Price: 12,90 Euros/USD/month for the dynamisation of 320 foods et beverages.

Diameter of action: up to 100cm/39,40'' around the phone, or 1 meter/3,28 feet in diameter.

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Monthly subscription for  PROFESSIONALS

Price 39,90 Euros/USD/month pfor the dynamisation of 320 foods ans beverages..

Diameter of action: up to 10m/32,80 feet around the phone.


In your subscription order, indicate your telephone number without forgetting your international PREFIX (Example France: +33 6 12 34 56 78) because it is thanks to it that your telephone becomes active between 6 and 48 hours after receipt of the email of confirmation of the payment which is sent to you by Paypal at the time of your order.

How it works ?

The activation of sounds corresponding to elements to be dynamized is an integrative part of this new exclusive informations transfer technology based on the phenomenon of non-local quantum entanglement. A fully quantum type contact, without limitation of distance and instantaneous action between our servers and a mobile phone, creates a spherical zone with a diameter of 1m to 10m (PRO) where the phone is, 24 hours a day. The total absence of transmission of electromagnetic waves, guarantees that this technology is free from any negative effect on the human organism.

Protection in Airplane Mode

Although it is not mandatory, you can protect your food from telephone waves during their dynamisation by switching to Airplane Mode! You disconnect your phone from the telephone network (calls and SMS), 3G, 4G and 5G, GPS and Bluetooth connections. In airplane mode or in standby state, the dynamization remains effective at 100%.

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    Well-being, weight control, promotes the elimination of toxins and increased energy
    More complete digestion of the products and dishes consumed,
    Better assimilation of nutrients and suppression of feelings of heaviness and drowsiness,
    Better elimination of toxic additives that cannot be assimilated and stored in fats, leading to a process of reduction of these fats.

    Improvements in flavors, textures and shelf life naturally facilitate a feeling of well-being, a gradual return to ideal weight, better elimination of toxins and a boost of energy.

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    Simple service to subscribe for private or professional use
    No application to download, 
    Monthly subscription with only your name and phone number,
    Possibility of suspension at any time during the current month, without justification.

    When and how to use it ?

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    When shopping for food
    At the market, in a grocery store, at the supermarket, enjoy a moment of waiting when going to the checkout and time to go to the parking lot to put your phone on the races (in airplane mode if you want to avoid the harmful waves of the phone) and the dynamisation is done. The faster food is revitalized after purchase, the longer its shelf life.
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    During food preparation:
    Just keep your phone within 50cm of the ingredients of your choice. All the ingredients and components that are part of the list of 320 foods will be systematically boosted.
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    During consumption:
    Practical operation to dynamize any type of unique or compound food by placing your phone within 50 cm of the dish, coffee, tea, drink of your choice, for 30 seconds to about a minute. Dynamisation applies to all the ingredients present in the dish or food. For example, if you dynamize cookies, the action will simultaneously focus on the essential components of the cookie such as flour, butter, sugar, egg, vanilla, etc.
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    In the context of a professional kitchen: 
    The dynamization applies to a surface up to 5 meters in radius around the phone, therefore 10 meters in diameter, which represents enough to position your phone in a plastic case to act in any kitchen on a diameter of 10 meters ! Enough to cover food in reserve, in cold rooms, on preparation tables and in stoves. Dynamisation applies to 320 ingredients simultaneously, including wines, beers and alcohols.

    The 8 best-selling foods in the world


    French fries


    Coca Cola
    La vache qui rit cheeze
    Instant coffee

    Tropical origin fish

    Sweetened condensed milk


    Chewing Gum
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    Ethics and safety
    The ethical and security issue is the main key to the proper functioning of our technology. Indeed, we use a fully quantum science of which we have developed the essential concepts, beyond the well-known microelectromagnetic techniques. The quantum principle understood as a force governing all relational phenomena in all universes, visible or invisible, operates on the basis of a system comparable to the Newtonian law of attraction-repulsion. In the quantum domain, a good balance between an element A and an element B, whether they are micro or macro-cosmic, is guaranteed by the immaterial force of attraction of the element A which is equal to the immaterial force of repulsion of element B and vice versa.

    Our technology therefore had to follow "sine qua non" the principles of the phenomena which govern the whole of the inviolable relations between all the kingdoms and objects of creation.

    This technology was developed by the French sound engineer René Guéraçague and benefits from more than thirty years of experience in fundamental research supervised in the medical field for ten years by Dr Santiago Ruales, the Medical Director of the company. It was validated for the first time by the international medical-scientific publication of an epidemiological survey on the effect of hyper-scalar (or quantum) sound waves in surgery, making it possible to observe an 80% reduction in post-pain operative at 24 hours. Here is the link: https://www.medigraphic.com/pdfs/rma/cma-2016/cma161f.pdf
          Advice on mobile « dynamiser » phones

          > The "dynamization" of food does not require any electromagnetic wave transfer between the telephone and the food; it uses harmless "quantum" information transfer like a GPS, but thousands of times more precise. > At the base of this avant-garde process, we find sound frequencies created from the characteristics of each ingredient and then "directed" by non-local quantum entanglement to the phone of a beneficiary whose number is unique.

          > Your phone should only be switched on, with a valid number. Dynamisation also works in standby or in airplane mode, which limits or even prevents harmful effects on human health. Indeed, the effects obtained by dynamising food in an airplane during the flight are identical, while the telephone is out of range of the terrestrial telephone transmitting antennas.

          > The maximum operating distance being sufficiently large (50 cm around the telephone) and the very short activation time (on average 30 seconds to one minute, except for tap water, lasting 5 minutes), the harmful electromagnetic effects of the phone are almost nil on food and drink, unlike prolonged use of a phone in direct contact with the hand, ears or both.