Access Advantages

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Increases strength and muscle resistance
Accelerates the development of muscle definition
Increase the speed of cardio-muscular recovery
Accelerates the reduction of body fat
Optimizes postural control (elasticity and muscular flexibility)
Promotes the deactivation of musculoskeletal pains
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Helps prevent injuries by controlling psycho-emotional stress
Facilitates the control of psycho-emotional reactivity
Instantly deactivates stress due to disruptive stimuli
Facilitates concentration during competition

Description of benefits

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Muscular definition

Better protein synthesis

Muscle volume increase. A better synthesis of muscle proteins is obtained. These favor the increase of volume in the methodologies of "formation to hypertrophy".

In practice, this is done, for example, using high loads and performing a low number of repetitions.

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Muscle strength increase

Greater stability of motor neurons. From 10% to 30% more in weightlifting.

It improves the excitability of motoneurons responsible for a greater number of muscle fibers.

This results in almost immediate results, with an improvement of 10% to 30% in weight, for example.

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Fast recuperation

Decrease of +/- 50% of the recovery time after the effort.

Decrease of rest time between training sessions.

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Muscle resistance increase

Greater capacity for muscle contraction.

Longer periods of energy contribution.

Notable improvements are observed in muscle contraction capacity over longer periods. Continuous and prolonged exercise results in a greater energy contribution from the body, provided by the lungs, heart and blood vessels.

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Fat reduction

Reduces visceral and peripheral fat. Sublime the muscular definition.

Improves the neuromuscular balance and stimulates the action of the endocrine metabolic system.

With Sport Invertone Access, fat reduction is quickly visualized in several ways:

Perimeter of waist / Definition biceps, buttocks, abdomen / Visceral fat and peripheral / Avoid overeating after exercise.

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Injuries prevention

The risk of injury decreases from 50% to 100%. Sport Invertone Access promotes increased brain consistency, speed of information processing and the ability to reason correctly in "limited" stress situations.

  Stressful changes can have false psycho-emotional and behavioral consequences, leading to the risk of accidental injury.

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Reduction of musculoskeletal pain

Most of these pains come from moments of stress experienced in ordinary life. As a result, Sport Invertone Access's action focuses on the psycho-emotional part, by turning off the triggering and aggravating stimuli that have crystallized in different parts of the body in the form of "pain", called musculoskeletal pain..

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Control of psycho-emotional reactivity 

Exercising and, at the same time, getting rid of the emotional reactivity caused by relationship disorders is one of the benefits offered by the Sport Invertone Access system.
Its sequence disables emotional reactivity to negative events, increases inner peace and psycho-emotional performance. This has a decisive function in every moment of daily life and sport that affects concentration, discernment, perception, communication, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and trust.
Its listening helps to focus your attention in the here and now. It brings more efficiency and clarity, excluding from its field of consciousness toxic thoughts and sensations, sprains, dislocations and others.
It also improves peripheral attention to avoid distractions and the risk of injury.
It promotes positive stress and avoids the stress of burnout.