Avant-garde, efficient and fascinating, Invertone harnesses the power of quantum phenomena at the service of humans, their food, sport and animals. 

The sublime effect of Quantum Sound Sequence

Beyond the genetic information of a molecule like DNA for example, Invertone technology addresses the hyper-frequency field of a molecule capable of transmitting and receiving information, without time or space limit, as predicted by A. Einstein. The Invertone algorithm allows on the one hand to access its mass of information and, on the other hand, to create sound harmonics capable of coming into contact and informing the non-material part of the molecules, their true source of quantum functioning, therefore multi-dimensional. We invite you to share this new perspective which seems complex by its innovative aspect, but yet very scientific in its applications. 


Evaluation of the axis of life of a person according to first and last names. Evaluation of the root causes of psychological and physiological sufferings.


Personalized Quantum Sound Sequence treatment, based on the understanding and progressive deactivation of the psycho-emotional causes of illnesses.


Quantum stimulation of neurotransmitters against Depression, Anxiety and Pain.


Quantum stimulation of the immune system against the main pollutions linked to water, air and food.


Quantum stimulation of natural mechanisms of rejuvenation.


Quantum stimulation of the body's natural functions against overweight.


Quantum stimulation of DNA and immune defenses against electromagnetic pollution.
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Listening to your personalized sounds is enough to improve your sports performance!

The energetic action produced by Invertone's personalized sounds significantly improves your overall athletic performance, both psychologically and physiologically.

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Listening to your personalized sounds is enough to boost your therapies and improve your daily well-being!

The energetic action produced by the personalized sounds of Invertone completes the psycho-therapeutic and physio-therapeutic action.

Health practitioners can also benefit from the software system for screening for organs at risk in relation to their psycho-triggering factors.
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Your mobile phone is enough to increase the nutritional, food and digestive qualities of your daily food!

The energetic action produced by the sound-quantum information of Invertone allows, in less than a minute within a diameter of 100 cm around your mobile phone:

1. Find the original flavours of your food,

2. Increase their shelf life,

3. Improve their texture,

4. Deactivate comon harmfull elements that pollute the body.

How does it work? 

The new Invertone products work like bubbles inside which the principle of quantum information acts. The mobile phone is the central access point for this bubble. Inside are dynamized food (Dynaliment), outside are repelled mosquitoes (Moskitone) or are deactivated polluting particles (Protektone).

The activation of sounds corresponding to the energy field of the elements to be informed is an integral part of this new exclusive transfer technology. It is based on the phenomenon of non-local quantum entanglement.
By creating a fully quantum type contact between our servers and a mobile phone number, a spherical area with a diameter of 1 to 3 meters around the phone is activated, depending on the products, without distance limitation and instantly, 24 hours a day. The total absence of transfer of electromagnetic waves guarantees that this technology is free from any negative effect on the human organism.

The sound and quantum principle of Invertone

The sound and quantum principle of Invertone was developed by René Pierre Guéraçague, French sound engineer. The algorithm of Invertone allows a word to reach the electromagnetic space of molecules, including human DNA one, and to optimize its vital functions.
The principle of Invertone is to capture and exchange information between matter and antimatter of molecules of the human, animal, plant or mineral, through the mediation of sound frequencies and their harmonics, and into the quantum domain, without limitation of time and distance.
More than thirty years of experimentation and epidemiological investigations reveal that the "electromagnetic" part of DNA, 98% of the genome, reacts systematically to the name of the human being, the animal or the plant: "In the beginning was the verb, and the verb became flesh".

In the 1990s, the experiments of the microbiologist Piotr Garjajev and the quantum physicist Vladimir Poponin (Academies of Sciences of Moscow and New York) revealed the non-genetic part of the DNA molecule called "Phantom DNA". This vibratory field is in fact a hyper-frequency information field which integrates and acts directly on the whole of the DNA molecule. It represents approximately 90% of its functionalities.

This discovery confirms the results of the research line of the French engineer René Pierre Guéraçague, whose investigations allowed to create applications in different domains in order to improve the quality of the nano-scalar information of the atomic and subatomic field of the molecules ( electrons, protons, neutrons).  This technological advance optimizes the communication between matter and antimatter, according to the concept of hyper-communication already advanced by A. Einstein in the thirties.