The science that materializes the quantum energy.
Invertone offers a completetly avant-garde way of looking at the persons relationship with their own well-being. The Invertone quantum effect Positive-fx speaks with mind and body in its exclusively vibrational language, which fully undersands the informational impulses of DNA, the place where the persons life is organized autonomously: per-sona, in Latin "Through what the sound passes"

For this reason, the fact of considering life as positively as possible is the appropriate way to avoid the impacts of negative emotional stimuli.

1. The ancient traditions of the East consider that the emotions represent the origin of the fluctuations of the health, considering that the priority is the one of maintaining the well-being (homeostasis).

2. In Western medicine, priority has been given to the treatment of symptoms with plants and their active ingredients, which has been a very important advance, among others, with the arrival of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and sophisticated surgical procedures.

3. For Invertone, quantum vision allows us to consider that, through the senses, the subtle part of DNA is able to decipher the informational impulses that arise from the emotional environment or people’s own minds. Negative impulses, like electromagnetic modulations, will be put "out of phase" - that is to say: deactivated by personalized Invertone Quantum Sound Therapy. If they are negative, they will be disabled, otherwise, if they are positive they will be enhanced.Of course, Invertone treatment does not substitute drug treatments that are aimed at symptoms.