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What is the impact of negative stress and psychosomatics on cancer and terminal diseases with Positive-fx?

When a person suffers from cancer,- anxiety, insecurity, depression and fear of all the risks associated with it are common. The psycho-physical-emotional reactions that cancer manifests (nausea, vomiting, fatigue, physical changes), generates in a person an overall state of malaise.

What are the direct and indirect benefits of Quantum Sound Therapy on cancer psychosomatics?

With Quantum Sound Therapy, it is possible to deactivate the stressing emotional shock of the relationship between the words: "cancer and death".

This treatment allows for and helps to increase positive aspects such as cognitive distraction, positive interpretation of sensations and self-instructional control, -without being a substitute for drug treatments.


What is the impact of negative stress and psychosomatics on diabetes and terminal diseases?

People who have diabetes and pathological stress or psychosomatics make their illness worse, because they consume more insulin than their body generates and increase their levels of cortisol generation.

What are the direct benefits of Quantum Sound Therapy on diabetes stressing psychosomatics?

1. Treatment through Quantum Sound Therapy controls and stabilizes stress.
2. It stabilizes the syndrome of depression.
3. It helps to stabilize worries and fears that favor the secretion of cortisol, which slows down the secretion of natural insulin. By decreasing the presence of cortisol in the body, and by creating a greater secretion of natural insulin by the pancreas, the individual, due to a better functioning of metabolism, has better control of insulin-dependence, without replacing drug treatments.


What is the problem of depression?

Depression is a very latent problem among people. It is considered as a mental disorder characterized by bad mood episodes, lack of self-esteem and loss of pleasure and interest in activities and habits that in a normal state are perceived as agreeable. A person with a depressive state manifests sad, desperate, lost, and unmotivated moods with a lack of self-esteem.

What is the Invertone solution?

At Invertone, we help people to get out of the aggravating stress of depression thanks to our treatment. Quantum Sound Therapy allows one to disconnect from negative thoughts and moods. Not only that, but it also helps to highlight the positives personality aspects, without replacing drug treatments.


What is the impact of negative stress on insomnia?

Insomnia is a very important problem for many individuals. Many studies have investigated the root cause of insomnia or continued interruptions in sleep.

Some studies claim that insomnia is closely related to psychological aspects such as depression, excessive daily demands, overloading tasks in daily life, addictions, etc. All these situations cause sleep interruption.

Other studies show that insomnia is caused by untreated psychophysical causes such as neurological disorders, childhood brain injuries, inadequately cured diseases, metabolic, hormonal or respiratory disorders.

Other studies relate the cause of insomnia to chemical wastes present in the brain, as like the excess presence of ammonia in blood.

What is the positive effect of Quantum Sound Therapy on the pathological stress factor of insomnia?

Thanks to Invertone Quantum Sound Therapy, it is possible to:

  • Continually controls and stabilizes worries, fears and stress.
  • Facilitates falling asleep, without replacing medical treatments.