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What is pain?

We understand pain to be an unpleasant sensation, an annoyance in the organism unleashed by the nervous system in bold, dull, intermittent or constant form. Pain can often be chronic - in other words, permanent.

Pain is a latent indicator of a problem in the body; this is an exact locator of body aching, an illness that must be treated.

Pain is a body alarm; it is a protection mechanism acting as an alert to a potential or actual damage of tissues.

How to treat the fundaments of pain?

To treat pain, Invertone automatically decodes the aggravating stress to deactivate it with a Quantum Sound Effect which greatly favors the reduction of pain until its disappearance.

The treatments are carried out in Invertone Institutes, by Invertone Online Services and by certified doctors / therapists, without being substitutes for medical treatments. For more info: