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How is post-surgical pain treated with Quantum Sound Therapy?

The use of quantum therapy in the field of surgery brings many benefits to an individuals body before, during and after surgery, without being a substitute for anesthesia.

What are the benefits of Quantum Sound Therapy in the surgical field?

Deactivation-reduction of pre-operative “fear of death” syndrome.

Thanks to Quantum Sound Therapy, it is possible to reduce pre-operative "fear of death". This treatment serves the person as well as the medical center, because on the one hand, it helps the patient to be well emotionally and on the other hand, it reduces the hospital center operating risks.

Stabilization of the inflammation process during the operation

During the operation, it is extremely important for vital parameters to be stable and systems to be functioning properly. With Invertone treatment, it is possible that, during the whole process of the operation, inflammation becomes less active and the heart rate and blood pressure remain stable.

Drastic reduction of post-operative pain.

Thanks to Invertone treatments, it is possible that after an operation, acute pain decreases by 80% when compared to an operation without Quantum Sound Treatment. (*Epidemiological survey of 160 patients).

Fast Post-Operative Recovery:

With Invertone, the recovery time after surgery is 15% lower than recovery time without Quantum Sound Therapy. This means a faster recovery and a shorter hospital stay for the individual.

Extract of an Epidemiological Survey