The science that materializes the quantum energy.

What does Invertone do for food?

The main objective of the Invertone quantum effect is to recover the original potential of the biocompatibility of food – its vitamin and/or protein aspects, as well as its flavors and textures. This brings us back to times when food was healthier and tastier.

Today, foods have lost many of their nutritional properties (from -50% to -90% compared to the 1950s). Therefore, a large part of foodstuffs produced industrially and intensively contain numerous synthetic additives which facilitate distribution and sale. The human organism must also successfully metabolize these substances to avoid being poisoned.

How can individuals treat food?

The Invertone solution is extremely effective, exciting and original using Smartphone applications such as: Coffee-Fx, Fruit-Fx, Vegetable-Fx, Beer-Fx, Wine-Fx, Pasta-Fx, Burger-Fx, Dairy-Fx, etc.

Food substances are dynamized by quantum energy through specific Apps for water, soft drinks, wine, beer, coffee, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, meats or any food product or ingredient.

It works instantly by with a single click on the Smartphone through its corresponding application, without side effects, or using any other mechanism.

What results are obtained in food?

For users, the Invertone quantum effect gives results that exceed expectations in all aspects:

1. It increases the organoleptic qualities in all food products, thereby improving the quality of aromas, flavors, textures and olfactory-gustatory sensations.

2. It delays the arrival of the bacterial load (deterioration) in meat, fish, seafood, whether fresh, cured or preserved. Therefore, increasing shelf life given optimum conditions of consumption.

3. It improves biocompatibility and digestibility.

This is an example of the same onion cut into 2 parts : the left side is dynamized; the other is not. Photos taken 24 hours after cutting.