The science that materializes the quantum energy.

What is the purpose of dynamization ofengines and fuels in energy production?

It offers a range of engine and fuel treatments with the aim of improving, modifying or optimizing the performance of power generators.

How are engines and fuels dynamized?

The dynamization processes of fuels are identical with the engines of transport vehicles, but they are different, when it comes to dynamizing biomass as an energy source. Pre-production studies are required in relation to the complexity of each biomass.

The dynamization of fuels increases motor performance with less revolutions, more power and less fuel consumption.

This technique can be applied to any process of energy production, whether it is small, medium or large scale.

How can the results be objectified?

The observed results are scientifically constant and repetitive.
Systematically stated improvements:

Potentiation of engine torque and power increases 15 to 20%, which allows for a climbing ability without shifting to a lower gear to have more fluidity and less revolutions in the engine at the same speed for all types of transports.

Reduced fuel consumption of 10% to 18%.

A 70% reductionin carbone monoxide emissions.

Better running of engine with stabilized temperatures, this reduces alteration of engine parts, extending their useful life.