The science that materializes the quantum energy.

What is the purpose of industrial treatments??

It offers a range of treatments in inorganic materials with the aim of improving, modifying or optimizing properties in metals, plastics, tires or synthetic materials of all kinds.

How are raw materials energeized?

The activation processes are very different depending on the raw materials used and the intended results. Pre-production studies are required relative to the complexity of materials.

This technique can be applied to any type of industrial process on a small, medium or large scale, without the need to invest in specific equipment, training or maintenance.

Results of activation in inorganic raw materials:

• It increases the intrinsic qualities of the finished product (tension, resistance, flexibility, traction, etc.)

• It delays the arrival of oxidation in iron-containing products.

• It increases the strength and flexibility of plastics in general.

• It increases the solubility and fluidity properties of liquids such as water and oils.