The science that materializes the quantum energy.

what do we offer in Invertone Institutes?

What do we offer in Invertone Institutes? Invertone Institutes are centers of sound quantum treatment directed to professional or non-professional athletes. By its very nature, these treatments must be rigorously personalized.
Por su propia naturaleza, estos tratamientos han de ser rigurosamente personalizados. Se descubre en cada persona las causas más profundas de sus dolencias.

1. “Positive-fx” treatment helps to Increase the positive attitude of the athlete when life gets difficult, during illnesses, times of general discomfort, depressions, etc. The sonocuántic treatments offered in an Institute Invertone are totally personalized and allow to get positive benefits without necessary replacing conventional drug treatments.

2. High Performance Sports Sport-fx PRO and Sport-fx ELITE treatments: Specialized sonocuántic treatments in the sports world allow to increase the sporting performance in general, as well as the recovery time:+ Info in App Invertone Sports-fx

3. FAST RECOVERY-fx treatment: In sports world specialized sound quantum treatments can significantly shorten the recovery time of-50% average of ligament injuries, prevent extreme efforts injuries risks, substantially improve sports performance.

All our treatments are exclusively based on sound and auditory part + the other quantum part: the sound energy activates quantum scale, producing strong improvement vibrant state of DNA. This way, all the psychic and physiological people’s functions are reactivated naturally, which allows the improving of well-being and performance without effort.

Why is the personalized protocol focused on causes?

Personalized Treatmentt of Causes Set (TCP) should be considered as a major determinant factor of overall health improvement.

The TCP last a period of 4 to 6 month. It consists of monthly consultaion, accompanied by two quantum sound treatments. These treatments are usually done every two weeks

It is important to understand that the treatment of causes is obtained respecting logical rules observed in hundreds of thousands of patients throughout more than 20 years experimentation.
Emotional stimuli begin to manifest from the first moment of gestation. Always giving hormonal and neurological response and finally to tissues and organs.

Progressively, the stimulus layers are memorized at the cellular level and must be deactivated layer by layer. This way usually represents an average duration of 6 months, beginning from the first to the last one, in a strictly orderly manner. Each layer is treated in a period between 21 and 30 days.

What is the protocol of Positive-fx?

Each consultation offers a psycho-genealogical and psycho-emotional evaluation accompanied by complete checkup in 38 questions. This determines pathological stress state associated with disease and makes statistical evaluation with its graphical representation and detailed psychophysiological observed improvements.

Two monthly Sound Quantum treatments: In addition to monthly consultation, there are two treatments proposed per month, one -every fifteen days. These biweekly treatments consists of an audition (from 30 to 40 minutes per session) with the body lying on a relax chair. The first fortnight treatment coincides with monthly appointment. During audition some headset equipped with a special device help to deactivate environmental noises.

What kind of results can be expected?

The results are always in relation to the constancy that follows up to its complete termination.

Cases where no slight improvement occurs are almost non-existent. The 20 years’ experience in more than 10 countries of the world, certify the treatment guarantee. Different publications in medical-scientific journals support the results of this treatment protocol.

The most successful cases are always accompanied by adequate medical follow-up, because the decreasing of drug dosage, according to the overall improvement of the beneficiary, logically, has fewer side effect risks and, at the same time, more improvement possibilities.

According to our satisfaction studies in 2016, 98% of beneficiaries have been fully satisfied with received treatments.

Are you interested as a health professional in opening an Invertone Institute franchise?

If you are interested in opening a franchised and exclusive Iinvertone Institute for a certain area, please contact our medical address: