The science that materializes the quantum energy.

What are the main objectives of labor efficiency treatments?

The goal of "Positive-fx" quantum therapy for corporate staff is to improve their well-being, favoring a positive mood to solve daily difficulties, which also improves business efficiency.
More or less, all companies have employees suffering from work stress. With the personal suffering of each worker affected by stress, there is a decline in their professional skills. Frequently, these imbalances lead to conflicts that end up affecting other employees and, therefore, the full functionality of areas and departments of the company with the consequent penalization of their economic results.

The other objectives are:
✓ To optimize productivity in the workplace, thus improving quality and performance at work.
✓ To reduce absence and presentism of labor and a better flow of staff turnover that represents 10% of the wage bill for the former and 42% for the latter.
✓ To avoid severe impacts on peoples health.

How is Sound Quantum treatments applied?

The treatments are monthly and personalized, quantum and sonorous.

Both are activated in the central servers to be sent via Internet to companies Invertone repeaters. A repeater can treat up to a thousand people by quantum form.

Optionally, an employee can receive mp3 sound version via email that will be listened twice a day for 20 minutes.

How can the results be objectified?

The results are checked by the observation of different factors:

✓ It helps to stabilize distress, burn-out, conflicts, communication problems, musculoskeletal problems and diseases directly related to stress
✓ It helps to reduce tiredness, increases self-esteem, confidence and productivity
Positive effect of Quantum Sound therapy on business productivity:
✓ The indirect and obvious effect of reducing people stress drastically increases the productivity of the company, i.e. the profits can rise to a value comparable to 50% of wage bill
✓ Increase of labor know-how "capitalization" of each person, and thus the productivity of the company
✓ Reduces training costs by lowing the turnover of employees
✓ ✓ The positive effect of Sound Therapy is perfectly measurable by the amount of urinary cortisol (stress marker) created by person, before and after treatment. This value coincides with the decrease in personnel turnover, absenteeism, etc
✓ The possibility of regularly measuring Sound Therapy effects allows having a tangible and objective data on the company stress state