The science that materializes the quantum energy.

What are the main objectives of fuel dynamization?

The main objectives are:

- Reduction of fuel consumption ,
- increase of power at low and high revs (torque and power)
- reduction of emissions .

How are fuels dynamized?

The “quantum dynamization” of molecules intervenes exclusively in the quantum dimension where fuel contains detected information of about its “antimatter”, field, which is related to its “matter” aspect, i.e., visible and concrete parts of molecules.

The quantum antimatter field is able to react at from any distance without loss of time, by simple activation of the appropriate information in the APP. In comparison with electromagnetic waves transmitted by frequency emitters, the APP Motor-FX does not transmit these types of waves, which avoids any kind of discomfort or adverse effects to humans.

The means of dynamization are activated through the APP - contracted by company - and installed onto the driver’s smartphone. This allows for the locating and activating of the treatment 24 hours a day.

How are fuels dynamized?

The observed results are scientifically constant and repetitive. Systematically stated improvements are:

•The Potentiation of torque and power generation from 15 to 20%, that allows for a climbing ability without lowing gears, to have more fluidity and less revolutions in the engine at the same speed for all types of transports.

Reduced fuel consumption from 10% to 18%.

•A 70% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions.

Better running of the engine with stabilized temperatures, which reduces the alteration (wear and tear) of engine parts, thus extending their useful life..