The science that materializes the quantum energy.

What are the main objectives of quantum treatments in surgical anesthesia?

The aim of Sound Quantum Therapy applied to surgery allows to obtain the following results:

✓ To prevent the pre-operative «fear of dying» disorder of the patient, by providing immediate profound relaxation sensation. Thus it contributes effectively to the reduction of operative risks, which can also avoid administrative or legal complications.

✓ To reduce significantly the excess of inflammatory activity, as demonstrated by very low quantitative PCR measurements. The heart rate and blood pressure remain very stable, which testifies to a satisfactory functioning of vital parameters.

✓ To reduce drastically postoperative pain: After the operation, acute pain syndromes decrease 80% in relation to surgery performed without Sound Quantum treatment, according to the latest indexed publication describing an epidemiological survey of 160 patients.

✓ To allow a 15% faster post-operative recovery, this represents a 55-day hospital availability supplement, within an annual period of operation.

How is Sound Quantum treatments applied?

The personalized treatment is done by means of Smartphone or Tablet connected to internet, which allows direct access to Invertone anesthesiologist personal account. It takes few minutes to make registration of data and get access to treatment.